TRUSCEND Fishing Lures Accessories Kit with Tackle Box - Fishing Hooks Minnow Crankbait Frog Popper Lure Worm Fishing Spoon Spinner Bait - Jig Head Fishing Weights Sinkers - Fishing Gifts for Men



  • Amazing Fishing Lure Kit – Our fishing Lures Set features vivid fishing lures, sharp hooks, bait-rigs and various fishing tackle, which makes it the powerful fishing catching seduction. The precisely engineered shapes, 3D realistic looking eyes, lifelike scale patterns and colors simulate bait fish and steel ball bearing rattles offer an aggressive presentation that will give you the advantage. Our fishing tackle set is one of the most awesome fishing kit to ever hit the market.
  • A Must-have for Enthusiasts and Beginner – 100 pcs Fishing Gear Kit Including Crankbaits/ Pencil/ Popper/ Bait-rigs/ Minnow/ VIB/ Spoon/ Spinners/ Paddle Tail Swimbait/ Grubs/ Plastic Worms/ Jig Head/ Off Set Hooks/ Beads/ Rings/ Blades/ Fishing Weights/ Fishing Leader/ Fishing Snaps Swivels and Tackle Box. A wide variety of fishing accessories, from common animated lures to accessories, this bass fishing kit can be a reliable and all-around option for any angler for any season in any water.
  • Premium Fishing Equipment Kit – The fishing gear box is made of high-quality ABS material, which is sturdy and durable. Most fishing accessories are made of stainless steel, not easily deformed and feature strong corrosion resistance in saltwater. Each material in the lures kit holds a long lifetime and strong bearing capacity which allows it to be used multiple times.
  • Fishing Essentials – Fishing Tackle Kits are available in different materials and sizes of lures. Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater and works well in all water layers, including slow sinking lures. This most versatile fishing kit which allows you to fish comfortably and easily on lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and sea to catch different kinds of fish like Carp, Perch, Pike, Salmon, Tarpon, Trout, Tuna, Walleye, Bass and others.
  • Robust and Portable Tackle Box – The plastic fishing tackle box is free for you, all baits and accessories are packaged in box for easy portability. Identify your fishing tools easily with a compartmentalized and easy to see plastic tackle box, it allows you to sort your lure accessories in one glance. You can easily put it into your fishing seat box, fishing backpack and fishing vest pocket, allowing you to enjoy fishing fun and making traveling around with your fishing set much easier.