Spiderwire SpiderWire Stealth Braid Fishing line



Material Blend
Color Blue Camo
Fishing Line Type Braided
Brand Spiderwire
Line Weight 10 pound

About this item

  • SPIDERWIRE STEALTH BRAID: Boasting a versatile combination of durability and smooth operation, this SpiderWire braided fishing line delivers exceptional performance in any situation.
  • NOTHING GETS AWAY: Don’t let fish off the hook. Made from the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema, this round braided line matches strength with a thin diameter to give you the upper hand in battles with big fish.
  • HIGH STRENGTH PER DIAMETER BRAIDED FISHING LINE: Thin fishing line offers break strength of 10lb | 4.5kg. Length: 125yd | 114m. The Blue Camo design blends in and disguises the presence of the line in open blue water.
  • REMARKABLY SMOOTH REELING: From the cast and back again, these round braid fishing lines made from fluoropolymer-treated microfibers glide through the reel and guides with ease to provide enhanced handling and quiet operation for “stealth attacks.”
  • WIDE RANGE OF BREAK STRENGTHS AVAILABLE, from 10 pounds to 100. Diameter of 0.008in | 0.20mm ensures exciting fights end well. Superline Mono Equiv: 4lb.