QualyQualy Floating Fish Basket, Fish Basket for Caught Fish, Foldable Fishing Holder Minnow Bucket Portable Collapsible Mesh Fishing Bait Storage Cage for Live Fish Live Well



Size Normal Size
Color orange,black
Material Nylon
Brand QualyQualy
Style Compact

About this item

  • 【Unique Floating Design】QualyQualy Foldable floating fishing basket for caught fish has a float made of foam in an integrated circular shape, which allows the upper end of the fish basket to float on the water surface. Thus fish basket for caught fish allowing the bait fish stored in the floating bait bucket to come into contact with the air and increasing the activity of the fish.
  • 【Quick-Drying Mesh for Baits】The portable floating fishing basket is made of durable coated quick-drying nylon net. The fish net basket for caught fish are made of precision sewn textile fabric and the metal frame is manufactured from soft steel wire, which makes the net lightweight and durable, not easy to corrode and protects the fish inside the bait net from receiving injuries.
  • 【Details of Use】At the inner bottom of the collapsible floating fish basket for caught fish, a small pocket is there for you to place any lead or stone before using the fishing mesh bait bags, so that the portable live bait well for fishing can sink into the water quickly. With 5*5mm small mesh, the minnow bucket is able to keep all types of fish, even minnows.