Protoco Crab Ring, Crab Fishing Trap, HighQuality Crabbing Ring with Net & Ring and a Bait Box, Great for Saltwater or Freshwater



Size 19 X 24 X 9-Inch
Color Black/Orange
Material mesh
Brand Protoco
Style Compact

About this item

  • High Quality & Durability: Made using only premium materials, all of our fishing traps are saltwater and freshwater proof and built ready to withstand the harsh conditions of deep fishing, ensuring years of use of this Made in the USA Trap
  • Tough & Resilient Coating: The polyethylene coating that covers the outside of this shrimp and crawfish trap ensures durability and gives the steel mesh its cold saltwater and freshwater resistance, giving you the integrity you need for today’s catch
  • Unique Design: Our special in house molded cone entry points shrimp and crawfish directly to the bait center in the cage, trapping them inside until you remove them, giving you control and consistency when fishing for crawfish, shrimp, or other small mollusks; After use, the trap door opens, allowing you quick and easy removal of your delicious catch
  • Easy to Load: The bait box, located in the center, can easily be loaded from the top of the trap without having to disassemble the tunnels; This provides more control and efficiency when prepping your equipment for the next catch
  • About Protoco: Protoco makes a complete line of Crab Pots, Shrimp Traps, and Crawfish Traps; There are also other Marine products available; Today Protoco manufactures protective covers, plastic injection molded products, fluidized powder coated products, coatings, marine products, and custom packaging