HaroldDol Outboard Motor 4 Stroke 7.5 HP, Gasoline Boat Engine Motor, 196CC Marine Fishing Boat Engine Single Cylinder for 3-6m Fishing Boats Foam Boats, 3600rpm



Brand HaroldDol
Color 7.5HP
Material Aluminum
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Operation Mode Manual

About this item

  • 🏄【Strong Applicability】Strong power, speed can reach 20km/h. It can be widely used in the installation and use of 3–6m small wooden boats, tin boats, bamboo rafts, foam boats, fishing boats, fishing boats, glass fiber reinforced plastic boats, etc., turning manpower boats into motor boats, and is a powerful assistant for the majority of fishermen’s friends
  • 🏄【Ingenious Design】The propeller-mounted machine adopts the structure of the gasoline engine to directly drive the propeller, eliminating the need for complex mechanisms such as clutches and transmissions, making the product structure very simple and practical, and the frame and armrests are made of high-quality pipes
  • 🏄【Easy to Operate】Just fix the machine base on the stern, insert the frame on the machine base, and adjust the propeller draft at the same time, you can start the gasoline engine to use, and you can start, advance, stop the ship, turn, etc. by moving the armrests up and down, left and right. action. Most people can master the operation in just a few minutes
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