HANDING Magic L Fishing Rod, Fuji O+A Ring Guides, 2-Piece BFS Spinning and Casting Rod, 30 Ton+24 Ton Carbon Fiber, for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Catfish Etc.



  • Superior Toughness & Maximum Sensitivity – The Magic L series rod utilizes a 24 ton+30 ton carbon fiber blank, integrated with a multi-layer carbon cloth that optimizes performance, as well gives the rod the strength for casting and controlling, and having the ideal flexibility to feel bites and fight target fish.
  • Smooth Casting and Delicate Movement – Featuring Fuji O+A Ring Guides with Aluminum Oxide Inserts. Which are embedded in stainless steel frames to further elevate sensitivity & reduce line friction or wear damage, while preventing line coil memory from being under tension.
  • All-Day Comfort – The Magic L fishing rod has 3 handle options, including cork split grip, cork+eva split grip and full cork handle. All handle solutions capture the essence of all-day fishing.
  • Ultra-light and Custom Painted Reel Seat – The custom painted, ultra-light reel seat further increases the overall sensitivity by allowing direct contact between your hand and the exposed rod blank
  • Fulfill Your Versatile Go-To Fishing Scenario – The Magic L can be easily used in a variety of fishing situations, such as bank fishing, boat fishing, inshore fishing or fishing in a lake or pond.