Gourami Fishing Weights Sinkers,230pcs/107pcs Lead Split Shot Weights,Removable Round Fishing Sinkers



Brand Gourami
Size 0.8g 0.6g 0.5g 0.4g 0.3g(small-230pcs)
Color Silver
Material Lead
Shape Round

About this item

  • 🎣[Sizes]: 0.3g 65pcs; 0.4g 55pcs; 0.5g 45pcs; 0.6g 35pcs; 0.8g 30pcs by adding or removing varies weight.
  • 🎣[Material]:The bite lead made of pure lead has great strength and corrosion resistance,internal polishing treatment, will not damage your fishing line.
  • 🎣[Packaging]Lead Bite is packed in a round box carefully designed for easy removal and storage, and easy to carry.
  • 🎣[Adjustable]:You can freely mix and match the number of lead bites, which are used to refine the sensitivity of the float to control the underwater condition of the hook, so you can cope with all kinds of fish.
  • 🎣[Advantages]:The round split shot weight made of pure lead, high density, soft strikes with center cut will not break your fishing line, durable construction.