DNYSYSJ Hangkai Outboard Motor, 4-Stroke 4HP Outboard Motor Jet Pump Boat Engine with Wind Cooling System CDI System 55CC Displacement for Inflatable Boats, Canoes and Aluminum Fishing Boat



Color 4-Stroke 4HP Jet Pump
Material Aluminum
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Operation Mode Manual

About this item

  • 【4-Stroke 4HP Jet Pump Boat Engine】The 4.0hp, 55cc 4-stroke engine strong power, 2900W power, and 4500-5500rpm speed provide sufficient power for this product to ensure its smooth operation. The high-quality carburetor makes the gasoline fully burn when driving. Besides, compared with a two-stroke engine, a four-stroke engine can save more fuel under the same horsepower.
  • 【Good Performance】The tilt function, 360-degree rotation, CDI ignition system, and head that can realize reverse gear by rotating 180-degree let you easily control and adjust the forward direction.
  • 【Simple Installation and Use】The simple structure, detailed manual, ergonomic, anti-slip, and shock-absorbing handle, manual starting device, and complete accessories ensure that you can complete the installation and start using it in a short time.
  • 【Translucent Fuel Tank】The 59.17oz translucent fuel tank avoids frequent refueling and meets the needs of long-distance travel and work and you can check the gasoline quantity and add. The fuel tank cap can effectively prevent dust from entering.
  • 【Widely Used】The outboard engine is applicable to all kinds of boats with a length of less than 4m/13.12ft and a weight of about 500kg/1102.31lbs, such as rubber boats, wooden boats, fishing boats, and the adapted stern board height is 38-44cm/14.96-17.32inch. It can be widely used in freshwater, water sports, water tourism, fishery production, water rescue, and other fields.