CheriMuMu Outboard Motor Boat Engine, 2 Stroke Heavy Duty Fishing Boat Engine 3.5HP Gas Trolling Motor with Water Cooling CDI System for Rubber Boats, Inflatable Boats, Sailboats



Brand CheriMuMu
Engine Type 2 Stroke
Operation Mode Manual
Mounting Type Engine

About this item

  • 【CDI Ignition System】The ignition system of this outboard motor boat engine is a CDI ignition system. You can start the motor quickly and safely. It saves your time and is convenient to use.
  • 【Powerful Motor】The maximum output of this outboard motor boat engine is 2.5kw/3.5hp, the motor is able to handle harsh waters and provide safety to you. This motor is ideal if you are venturing into harsh rivers.
  • 【Independent Fin Streamline Design】When it collides with an object underwater, the design can protect the propeller that is running at high speed.
  • 【Extra Fuel Tank】The package comes with an extra fuel tank, you refill the motor with it when the outboard motor boat engine runs out of fuel. The fuel tank allows you to have a longer driving distance.
  • 【Good Cooling Effect】There are motor vents in the shell of the outboard motor boat engine. It helps cool down the motor and it has a better performance. The motor also has a long life span with the motor vents.