BESPORTBLE 20 pcs Buckles Stinger Control Outdoor Device Live High for Big Er Fishing Wire Hooks Lock Stainless



  • 17x4x1cmx2pcs
  • 17x4x1cmx3pcs
  • 17x4x1cmx4pcs
  • 17x4x1cmx5pcs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Outdoor fishing stringer– it is portable and easy to carry. it is easy to use, designed for outdoor fishing use.
  • Fishing tackle– the buckle is and powerful, which firmly controls the fish and easily lifts the big fish.
  • Fishing tools– professional and practical design with beautiful appearance, easy to carry and use.
  • Fish baskets for live fish– front end spring lock design, open and close smoothly, you can use this item with ease.
  • Alive fish buckle– the ergonomic body makes it easy for you to hold and use, practical.