2 Pack Boat Dock Line, Bungee Dock Lines Shock Absorption Elastic Mooring Rope Dock Anchor, Used for Fishing Boat, Jet Ski, Kayaks, Canoes, Kayak,Pontoon



  • Red, blue, and black
    $14.98($7.49 / Count)
  • black and white
    $14.98($7.49 / Count)
Material Polyethylene
Color Red, blue, and black
Vehicle Service Type Boat
Load Capacity 4000 pound

About this item

  • ☸【Convenient docking】 you can easily get on and off the ship without pulling, which is convenient for your ship to dock temporarily. Whether it is the Sea restaurant or the lakeside refueling are very practical, if you often dock ships, then this dock line must be suitable for you.
  • ☸【Protection】The boat rope with two EVA foam floats can protect the boat from scratches.Boat ropes for docking with 316 stainless steel snap, you can successfully dock in a few seconds even without any experience. Very convenient, easy to get on and off the boat.
  • ☸【Eliminate the impact】 The bungee dock line is composed of a woven PE outer layer and a built-in hidden latex tube.bungee dock lines can effectively reduce the impact of waves,absorb shock to boats, cleats, docks, pylons and other hardware.
  • ☸【Dimensions】 Boat dock line is 4 feet, stretching length is 5.6 feet. It is very suitable to be tied to the anti-skid nail or pier post.The perfect length keeps the boat comfortable, close to the dock, easy to get on and off the boat, without pulling the boat.
  • ☸【Bearing Capacity and Excellent performance】 it has a tensile strength of 2200 pounds, and the maximum load can reach 4000 pounds, which can ensure the firm docking of the vessel.Compared with other standard dock lines in rough water, our jet ski accessories is more wear-resistant, moisture-proof, sun-proof, easy to clean and store.